The History of Cologne

The History of Cologne

The podcast about the history of the 2,000 years old city of Cologne in Germany

#42 A Day in Court at Cologne Cathedral in the 11th century - An Ugly Archbishop and the Beauty of the Cologne Penny

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Is it mean to find a person too ugly? Emperor Henry II will find out when he first sees the supposedly ugly Pilgrim in a church. And a small Cologne penny conquers the trade routes.

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About this podcast

The History of Cologne is a podcast that tells the story of Cologne, Germany. It’s a city with 2,000 years worth of history and it has so much to tell! Listen to the city growing. Dive into the early history of the city being founded by the Romans. How did it become a bustling medieval city? How did Cologne perform during Napoleon and the Industrial Revolution? And how about the Nazi time? Triweekly schedule, going chronological from the Roman roots up until today.
Where is this podcast now in the chronology: 1036 AD.
Next episode: 15th August (Summer break)

by Willem Fromm


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